Finding your own rhythm when you’re stuck in an “ADD” world

It’s essential to find your own rhythm. Otherwise, it’s too easy to get sucked into the dis-order factory! We live in an “ADD”, “OCD”, “Bi-polar” world.

Just mention that you don’t always enjoy doing homework or that you misplace your keys from time to time &…well…there’s a pill for that. Really?! Do we all have some kind of disorder to be fixed by the medical miracles in a bottle?

What could happen if we channeled all of our misdirected energy into creative endeavors that rocked our bodies & soothed our souls? No doubt a lot of pills would be flushed. 

This week’s video from The REALM has some alternative ideas about tapping into greater levels of freedom – creatively, financially, sexually, spiritually – you name it. We are rhythmic beings. When we move our bodies, we move energy that gets us unstuck in other areas of our lives.

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To get you to spots of interest in the video quickly:

0:00 – Welcome to The REALM – “Awaken Your True Rhythm” –  Defining what freedom means to you provides clues when you’re feeling “stuck”.
3:03 – How can you sit still to Michael Jackson’s “Thriller”? Move & heal!
6:14 – “I wish I could sing like Pink” – Why focusing on someone else’s talents prevents you from bringing your own talents forward
9:18 – Does everyone have a dis-order? ADD, ADHD, OCD, Bi-polar disorder? Maybe you’re in better order than what you know!
12:37 – Power of movement in all major spiritual traditions throughout history – from Judaism & Christianity to Whirling Dervishes of Sufism & Shamanism
16:00 – Brain wave patterns during meditation – Want better relationships, better job, more money? Prayer & meditation makes all areas of life better.
17:30 – Sexual healing & the creative impulse
20:47 – Story of mega-church setting ideas of “unworthiness” to music. How can we find redemption in the “celebration” of guilt?
23:12 – Story – women in workshop not used to moving in such a sensual & celebratory way (Download the whole program & learn to celebrate your body & find your freedom, joy & health!)
25:44 – Hearing Marianne Williamson – author of “A Return to Love” – as she announces her candidacy for Congress
29:19 – Participants tap into the rhythm as a moving meditation – Download yours to use at home!