When you rock the rhythm of gratitude, shift happens!

An Attitude of Gratitude is a lot more than thinking nice thoughts. It’s an anti-venom for the things that jump up & bite us every day! And, I’m sure you’d agree that we have plenty of thoughts with just enough poison to take a bite out of happiness.

The thing about the gratitude antidote is that it works fast. Learn how it can instantly shift your feelings of uncertainty, about anything, into freedom in this week’s video from The REALM Gathering. Go to 17:22 to hear about the chameleon that walked onto my hand because I was grateful for his presence in my garden. It works with people, too.

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To get you to spots of interest in the video quickly:

0:00 – Welcome to The REALM – “Rhythm of Gratitude”
1:13 – Viktor Frankl – from his book, “Man’s Search for Meaning” – the one freedom no one can take from us
2:40 – Surfing the rhythm of gratitude, shifting your life (Download rhythm meditations to use at home!)
5:01 – Michael Kenny of DrumHeart.org. TaKeTiNa drumming – “Shift happens!”
6:54 – Gratitude is an “anti-venom” for the things that bite us
8:30 – The quickest antidote for threats to happiness
11:10 – Earth’s vibration pulls negative energies from us, lifts our spirits
12:09 – Animals show up to commune when we let fear fall away & move into gratitude
14:35 – Experiencing miracles – Native American rain dance
15:57 – People all over the Earth in prayer & meditation – scientific experiments show the vibration travels
16:55 – Key: not “I will believe when I see,” but “I will see when I believe”
17:22 – Chameleon story – the vibration of Love is real – stay in gratitude for every experience
20:58 – Mystics & prophets are everywhere around us. They are us! Dancing with the sacred.