Kimberly’s Rhythmic Movement Meditations

Kimberly's Movement Meditations are a 5-part rhythmic audio series, each one building upon the others & designed to get your hips movin', your mojo flowin', & your soul-fire burnin' bright! You'll learn the power that is already brewing in your own precious body & just waiting to be unleashed. You'll feel centered, empowered, peaceful, strong, & comfortable in your own skin. Whew! Freedom is priceless, baby!


Download of 9 mp3 meditations (4 rhythm tracks with Kimberly's voice guidance, 4 without guidance for you to do your own thing, & 1 bonus celebration track)


A percentage of all proceeds goes to the REALM Scholarship Fund


Rhythmic Movement Meditations are powerful tools for deepening listening skills, increasing intuitive abilities, creating mental & emotional clarity & balance, & awakening a person’s deepest courage. When used mindfully, they can heighten energy levels, while also bringing a sense of peace & well being.

These meditations have been instrumental in helping users in many applications from deepening their intimate relationships to finding career fulfillment. See what they have to say!