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The Naked Vibes Show

TV Show and Podcast

What is The Naked Vibes Show?
It’s a Podcast. It’s TV.

Provocative Conversations & Insights to Enlighten, Elevate, Educate, & Entertain on truth, love, creativity, consciousness, music, sexuality, spirituality, confidence, joy, & purpose.

Featuring artists, innovators, love-makers, & world-shakers to inspire & ignite your creative genius with their thoughts, travels, stories…& live music, too.

It’s created & produced by me, Kimberly, & I’m thrilled to have you here to laugh, learn, & grow along with me. I take this work seriously, but not myself. It’s the most interesting route along this journey of life, love, & work. And, a lot more fun.

iTunes Reviews

“I love The Naked Vibe! The openness and sincerity of heart and mind is refreshing! The professional yet down to earth approach to some of our most human characteristics is exactly what is needed in this postmodern era. I never miss an opportunity to GET NAKED!”

– tourdawg

“Good stuff. Interesting, compelling, and insightful. Not your typical interview podcast, these conversations feel spontaneous and full of joy. Each time I listen I learn something new!”

– notchipbut

“One of the very few podcasts that resonates the thought, “it’s like they KNOW ME!”. Over and over again the topics that Naked Vibes taps into strikes the creative side that anyone and everyone can absolutely relate to. If you’re looking to grow, fulfill, or even dip your feet into the depths of your spiritual side, SURPRISE! You are looking at it! Bask in the light that is the intelligently empathetic & powerful structure fabribated by Ms. Cain: The Naked Vibes Show. Thank you for your knowledge, wisdom, & understanding.”

– cdecker37

“This is a most refreshing approach to mixing spiritual messaging and sensual self exploration. I’ve read the book “Heaven” and the included CD of original music is masterful. I love that I can do my work and listen to someone who actually understands human nature and God. This lifts me up in a non religious and non threatening way. Bravo to Kimberly Cain for coming up with a way to relate to people like me who love God/Spirit but refuse to live in guilt for being human. This can now be my church.”

– khiett

Deeper Connections

From The Daily Motivator

Conversations with Kimberly Cain and Ralph Marston

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“Learning, with Kim’s guidance, about how physical, psychological & spiritual energy are tied together, immediately raised my confidence level. Her coaching led me to understand how I can intentionally create more joy & vitality in my life.”

– Price Newton, Financial Advisor, Owner, Dimensional Payments