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The Naked Vibes Show

TV Show and Podcast

What is The Naked Vibes Show?
It’s a Podcast. It’s TV.

Provocative Conversations & Insights to Enlighten, Elevate, Educate, & Entertain on truth, love, creativity, consciousness, music, sexuality, spirituality, confidence, joy, & purpose.

Featuring artists, innovators, love-makers, & world-shakers to inspire & ignite your creative genius with their thoughts, travels, stories…& live music, too.

It’s created & produced by me, Kimberly, & I’m thrilled to have you here to laugh, learn, & grow along with me. I take this work seriously, but not myself. It’s the most interesting route along this journey of life, love, & work. And, a lot more fun.

Deeper Connections

From The Daily Motivator

Conversations with Kimberly Cain and Ralph Marston

“Learning, with Kim’s guidance, about how physical, psychological & spiritual energy are tied together, immediately raised my confidence level. Her coaching led me to understand how I can intentionally create more joy & vitality in my life.”

– Price Newton, Financial Advisor, Owner, Dimensional Payments