Bright Omen for 2016 – Power of Prayer

New Year’s Day, I was in Israel.

I awoke & prayed for peace, joy, safety, & abundance for my loved ones & for the ultimate freedom of all people in our world. Then I opened the curtains of my hotel window onto this scene over the Sea of Galilee. I dropped my jaw & said aloud, “Oh, my God.”

Accompanied by this double rainbow for much of the day on a Sea of Galilee boat ride, it said to me, Emmanuel – which means “God with us”.

Just before leaving for Israel, I completed an 8-video series. Please enjoy my gift of these two videos from the course on the power of prayer & what it can do for your life when you make it a committed practice.

This gorgeous omen was especially meaningful, as 2015 was an exceptionally challenging year for me. Because of it, my faith grew deeper & my knowledge of prayer as a powerful tool became even more sure.

The rainbow has always been a symbol of hope for mankind – a miraculous vision of the light that comes to us when we’ve faced darkness; a beacon that woos us to carry on in faith of brighter days filled with love & purpose.

New Year’s Day 2016 on the Sea of Galilee – a natural phenomenon, & yet, a miraculous answer to prayer. My prayer for you is that you witness many miracles this year & throughout your life.