Move Your Sexy Spirit Home Study Kit

Move Your Sexy Spirit Home Study Kit is a 5-part audio series recorded from the live tele-gathering. You’ll learn Kimberly’s BALANCE system, guaranteed to center & ground you & get you operating at your most effective level with authenticity, integrity & the freedom to express your true Self in even the most stressful of situations.


Freedom. Truth. Self-Love. Creativity. Sexuality. Spirituality. Wealth.

Are you ready for a set of tools to get you rockin’ on this level?

Move Your Sexy Spirit is for creators (gods, goddesses, warriors, world-changers, mavericks, fire-starters) who know there is something more to life; it’s brewing inside & just waiting to be discovered!

• transform your fear, creating a sense of freedom & courage •
• ignite your soul fire, awakening & refueling your dreams •
• shift your perspectives for living a bold, juicy life •
• connect you to your highest Source of inspiration & your Life Force energy – keeping your batteries charged for
****genuine Self-Love****fulfilling, intimate relationships with others****magical creative endeavors****exciting transformations in your dance with money****passionate, loving sexual expression****& an overall sense of support & WHOLENESS •

Ready to rock your own Creative Genius? 
What are you waiting for? 
Let’s get movin’!

Download of 5 1-hour mp3s

A percentage of all proceeds goes to the REALM scholarship fund, founded to further education for up & coming leaders who wish to access their highest, creative levels.

This program has been instrumental in helping users in many applications from deepening their intimate relationships to finding career fulfillment. See what they have to say!