Want more? Abundance begins with Gratitude for what you have now

It’s rare to find a person who doesn’t want more than he already has. It’s part of the human condition. And, that’s fine, because it drives us to be our best. The thing is, it can also rob us of our happiness.

When we spend our time wanting, never recognizing what we already have, we’re choosing to experience a state of lack. That mindset can last a lifetime. Because, most often, what we “get” isn’t quite what we thought it would be, so we have to start “wanting” again.

Gratitude will get you out of that loop, pronto. It’s two days to Thanksgiving in the U.S. Start saying “thank you” in your heart. It’ll free your mind.

This week’s video from The REALM Gathering is full of great music from Bryan Wakeland (Polyphonic Spree, Tripping Daisy) & Brian Miller. Listen & let it fill you up with gratitude & thanksgiving.

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To get you to spots of interest in the video quickly:
0:00 – Welcome to The REALM
:50 – How often are you out of gratitude?
2:43 – the quickest remedy for getting out of lack & into feelings of abundance
3:33 – Song – Bryan Wakeland with Brian Miller – “Devil in Paradise”
7:45 — Gratitude as the key to Abundance – recognizing in a conscious way
10:22 – Story of chameleon visiting again, as a reminder of Love’s presence
13:46 – A Course in Miracles teaching about the size of miracles & how to “receive” them
15:05 – Why is “receiving” so difficult for us? Accepting thanks.
15:43 – The transference of “goodness” requires us to open & receive. “You’re welcome”, instead of
16:20 – “You’re welcome” says, “I’m happy to have done that for you.” Very different from “No problem” as a response
17:12 – Recognizing the love that we have to give
17:48 – Story of Sedona, AZ teaching Higher Consciousness & Native American understanding of the lessons of the land
20:10 – taking the word God out of religious framework & recognizing it as “goodness”
21:13 – Creation rejoices with us in our thankfulness. Watch how a rescued animal responds to you!
21:53 – Presence of the “I AM” fills us
22:27 – Christ Consciousness – nothing can harm us when we fill ourselves with this
23:07 – Song – Bryan Wakeland with Brian Miller – “Rainy Day Jesus”
26:59 – Movement Meditation – “Grateful Heart” – with Brian Miller
32:17 – Song – Bryan Wakeland with Brian Miller – “So Free, That’s Me”
35:36 – Radical EvolutionAry Love Makers – what does that mean?