Move beyond limitations with a swift kick in the “but”

Do you need one?

I know I do from time to time – & I just go ahead & give it to myself!

People often tell me they appreciate how positive I am about life. Here’s what I know.

It’s not about positivity as much as it is a knowing that there is more than what I am currently capable of seeing.

When a friend says, “Your son is a talented musician,” do you reply, “But he’s going to have to learn more practical skills if he wants to succeed.”? When your wife says, “It’s exciting to hear about your new project at work,” do you tell her, “But I’m not the one in charge, so don’t expect me to get a raise out of the deal.”?

When you add the “but”, you may believe it’s just realism – wanting to make sure someone doesn’t get their hopes dashed. Guess what! You’re inadvertently undermining your own access (& theirs) to a Higher Power at work – just with the use of one little word.

Bear with me if you don’t believe in that. It doesn’t matter to me whether you call it Higher Power, God, the Universe, etc. When you deny Higher Power, you are actually saying you are the supreme mind or authority – that what you know is all there is to know. Why would you want to put that kind of  limitation on the possibilities of a larger life?

Higher Power shows itself everywhere, in everything. It’s not predicated by your belief in it. Every day something new is discovered, alerting us to the fact that there is always more than what we currently know & moving us beyond our limitations.

Believe for & expect “amazing” & you will experience “amazing” in the midst of your everyday.

Kick your “but”.
Seriously – you don’t need it. Not that kind, anyway.

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