Just my imagination, runnin’ away. Use it to solve problems & relieve stress.

I’ve been speaking with college students a lot lately – asking them what it is that they most need. What I’m hearing is the same thing over & over, so I can tell you we all need to pay attention!

Coryn, told me she was having difficulty studying for her anatomy test. She says she’s getting a lot of practical training, but not much to help her solve her own problems creatively. Well, in my book, creative thinking is practical.

Right brain/Left brain = Whole Brain
& that’s what is required, not only for our survival, but for our ability to thrive – or what I like to call thrival.

I shared some creative thinking skills with Coryn to help her immediately get more out of her studies. She was coming up on a test the next day. Watch the video to see what I shared with her & what you can also use to get instant stress relief & tap into your genius. It’s a simple tool, already at your disposal – & it’s free! It’s up to you how you want to use it & to what level.

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