The Wild Nature of Love will heighten your intuition

No matter how much we may think we have the power to control it, Love is its own Master. It has a Wild Nature.

Thank God! 

Doesn’t it give you a wonderful sense of freedom to know that there’s something larger than your own ego? More powerful than your fears?

Don’t be afraid. Release yourself into Love’s control. Watch the way Love transforms your life & heightens your intuition to inform you of all you need to know. Einstein preached it, Da Vinci relied on it. Watch this week’s REALM message & music to remind you of how powerful & beautiful you really are!

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To get you to spots of interest quickly:
0:00 – Song “Blackbird”
4:27 – Inspiration – “Wild Nature of Love”
5:28 – Story of how intuition worked to write the song “Blackbird”
12:20 – What is the connection between my novel, Heaven, & the movie, Shawshank Redemption
16:45 – Acting on an intuitive message saves a man’s life
24:45 – Intuitive connection with loved one on the other side of the veil (an Anime t-shirt is involved!)
28:44 – Song “By Myself” – Brian Miller