Every battery runs down. Find a vortex for recharging.

I just returned from a magical trip to Sedona, AZ, where the word “vortex” is commonplace. A vortex has been described as a magnetic or electrical field, a whirling mass of energy around a specific center. When you watch water running down a drain, creating a circular motion, you’re witnessing a fluid vortex. A tornado is an air vortex.

Sedona is known for its spiritual vortexes, as are many other sacred sites around the world.

What does that mean? Well, I could try to describe it page after page & never really give you the full truth of it. It has to be experienced. And when you’re running low on energy, tapping into a vortex will rejuvenate you.

photo: Kelly Brown, Studio Honey

Sedona is known for the color of its intensely red rocks creating awe-inspiring vistas & canyons. You can feel the difference in the energy from high points to low points in the landscape. High points bring the feeling of being on top of the world, having the ability to accomplish all of your goals & dreams, knowing that you’re not alone & that others have traversed the same path & can act as guides on your journey. Low points – canyons – take you deep into the womb of Mother Earth, providing the feeling of nurturing & healing you from life’s wounds.

Many people prefer the vistas over the canyons – as canyons can bring up feelings that aren’t always pleasurable. Both ends of the spectrum are necessary for our wholeness, though. When we allow the canyons to reveal the pain we’re carrying, we can process & shed that pain in order to climb the vistas with greater ease, carrying far less baggage.

You can find an energy vortex near you – maybe even in your own backyard. It requires your willingness to walk away from the “gadgets”, so you can feel the very subtle changes in energy from place to place in your world. Feeling is the key. Ask yourself, in any given moment, if you are thinking or feeling. Odds are you’re thinking -it’s a symptom of the world we live in. Challenge yourself to connect to the swirling energy around you, to drop your thoughts & experience your feelings. You’ll find it an invaluable tool for recharging your worn-down battery, for finding clarity & making better, more well-informed decisions, & for experiencing much more gratitude & joy in your life.

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