Your Path to Greatness – Closer Than You Think

You have a unique path & life purpose. If you’ve yet to discover it, don’t worry! It’s as close to you as your very breath. It does, however, require courage & commitment. It doesn’t require that you do it perfectly, just that you do it. That is, if you want to live in freedom; knowing that you’re planted solidly on this earth, doing what you came here to do in the limited time you have to do it.

Jets - photo by Marty Perlman -

I love the way the unique paths of the jets in this photo create a beautiful body, dancing perfectly against the sky.

As individuals, we have the freedom to choose our own path. That path will take some turns from one phase of our lives to the next, winding through the expressions of who we are.

Collectively, our various & unique expressions make up the dancing body of humanity. Heaven & Earth are capable of supporting the Whole.

Humanity is reaching a tipping point. More people & more businesses are stepping into livelihoods based on authentic self expression & unique life purpose.

Can you feel the change occurring? Are you ready to more fully embrace the power of your unique expression in the coming age?

What is one thing you can do today to more fully experience the freedom of living from your Essence – your true Self?

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p.s. If you’re not sure about your purpose – your unique Essence; if you feel you’re blocked in some way from stepping more fully into your calling, a Soul-Fire session may be just the thing to light your fire! See what others are saying.