The Power to Choose. Rock Your Freedom Today & Every Day.

The power to choose is the birthright of every human being & Election Day is an amazing time to exercise this Freedom!

Many conscientious people are put off by the political process & the kind of ugly competitive energy that it fosters in today’s culture. Rightly so.

We can’t afford to give up our power just because we’re disgruntled with the climate, though. The decision not to choose is still a choice.

I ski an obstacle course. (Slalom water skiing has been one of my passions since I was a kid.) Last week, the water & wind had turned chilly & I was losing the warmth of the sun as it descended.

Lake Starbust Sun

My body was chilled to the point of discomfort from my first set.  My mind was hemming & hawing; “It’s gonna be colder this time around, but I still might enjoy it,” & on & on. As I stood on the dock weighing the pros & cons of taking another set, I realized that my window of opportunity was closing quickly.

Either I could make a decision or the Universe would decide for me. The sun was not waiting. I asked myself, “What do you really want?” My soul answered, “I want to get in that water & ski again because I freakin’ love it!”

Done deal! I took the plunge, yelped out loud when I felt the cold water, then rose up to enjoy the exhilaration of fully engaging my body, mind & spirit.

Do you want to participate – to recognize yourself as part of a process? Or do you want to believe your feelings, ideas, beliefs & desires are not being considered, keeping yourself separate from the process & experiencing the disappointment of watching the world go by without you?

Whether you choose or not, you are still a part of the process. Ultimately, it has nothing to do with winning or losing – or even being right or wrong. You & everything else are part of the same fabric of Life. So, jump in. Exercise your greatest Freedom – the power to choose. Life is gonna be much more juicy when you do!

It’s Election Day. If you’re still apathetic, Seth Godin wrote this piece on why your vote matters a lot. Definitely worth a read!