Rhythm is Gonna Get You!

It’s strange that we all share the same experience of being told that we can’t do what we truly want to do, isn’t it? Over time, you can start to believe it if you’re not careful. The danger is that you can become a much duller version of the person you intended to be, living a life you never intended to live.

Look around. You’ll see way too many people who seem to have had the life-blood drained out of them. If you’re one of them, you can get your blood pumping again! It’s vital to your relationships, your work & your overall sense of well-being. I, & those around you, will thank you for getting said blood pumping, ‘cuz it’s no fun hangin’ with the walking, breathing dead!

Start with rhythm as your foundation. If it sounds too simple to say you can heal your wounds or step into an advanced playing field by working with music & rhythm, that tells me you have yet to listen deeply & tap into the true power that’s there for you. Learn more in this Free teleclass. Listen here + be sure to sign up & get details for Part 2 of Ride Your Rhythm & Transform Your Soul-Fire into Your Thriving Life & Career.

“Rhythm is Gonna Get You” is a song from the late 80’s by Gloria Estefan & Miami Sound Machine. Have some fun with the big hair & parachute pants while you feel the rhythm & the energy buzz it creates in your body. You can transform that energy into the fuel needed to ignite your life in every aspect – from intimate relationships to wealth-building. (Oh, did I say you need to get up & move? Yeah…you do.)
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