Personal Frequency – the Ebb & Flow of Life

Grnwd Pier Inn_BeachKim2 During meditation this morning, I became ocean waves. I swelled, peaked & lapped the shore. I then experienced a moment of hesitation – what is often called “the gap” or “no-thingness” – before retreating back to sea. 

We live in a busy, busy world. Outside influences tend to make us think we must constantly be doing something – doing more – in order to keep up. This is a fallacy & it distracts us from the natural ebb & flow of life which is not only active & exhilarating, but also quiet & restful.

This experience came of its own volition & was a response to my slightly restless feelings over the last couple of weeks. I’ve been resisting new blog posts, radio show edits, etc. At the same time, I’ve felt like I should be doing more. I asked for guidance during meditation & the ocean waves experience was my answer.

The peaks & troughs of a wave (frequency) are equally important. Resting energy is essential for the building of peak energy & can be found throughout all of nature. I realized that the “trough” of my current vibrational frequency is exactly where I’m meant to be right now, after a long peak of energy with the release of my novel this year.

If I needed more affirmation, I got it. When logging on for this blog post, I noticed a new post from Evelyn Rodriguez on the effects various frequencies have on water – she references the beautiful Masuro Emoto book, The Secret Life of Water. Another interesting source for information on frequency & intuition is Penney Peirce‘s book Frequency: The Power of Personal Vibration.

Enjoy the “troughs” of the waves, even though everything around you seems contradictory to that thought. Remember that the trough is where the energy is gathering. Otherwise, you can experience burnout & set yourself up for illness.

The meditational experience described above can easily be achieved if you desire to better understand the importance of ebb & flow in your life. If you’re unable to relax & visualize ocean waves at first, simply concentrate on your own breathing, as it has the same rhythm. As you draw in-breath, “see” the ocean wave pull back from the shore, then as you release out-breath, ride the wave into the shore. The experience will be a reminder that life is unfolding just as it should be, that you are designed for activity and rest, that letting go is essential for a quality life, & that above all, a Power much greater than each of us, as individuals, is at work – yet it flows through us, as individuals, when we allow it.