Creating a New Reality, Harmonious Future Begins Now

Change your thoughts, Change the world!

I participated in a really cool endeavor tonight – or last night – depending on how you look at it (I'm up past midnight to tell you about it). It took place at 11:11 pm on 11/11/10. Someone somewhere connected me to a website created by a group that sent me an email to join the endeavor (whew – everything is connected)! It's called New Reality Transmission & the purpose is to create an organized global meditation for manifesting a harmonious future. It takes place over a period of 11 days - for 11 minutes per day – at 11:11 pm. So, you still have time to sign up. Signing up just means the group knows how many people are participating. Their goal is at least 1,000,000, I believe.

You can also join them here on FaceBook. They say they're a group of friends, physicists & mathematicians, who believe our consciousness defines our reality. They say it's not important who they are, but merely that they're trying to organize a group effort for change – as in "change your thoughts, change the world!"

I agree with them, so I'm rippling the vibes out from here. Orange Heart
When I meditated tonight, I had the wonderful experience of being connected to every other participant. I could see our beautiful Mother Earth & we were all sitting around her, holding hands & giving thanks for all the gifts she shares with us, healing our collective hurts & our ignorance, raising our consciousness to the level of the Divine. This experience was radiant, peaceful, yet exhilarating & it certainly made me smile. The possibilities here are beyond what we can comprehend. So, I realize how New-Agey & "out there" this seems to some who will come across this post. That's okay. If it seems that way to you, just think of it as the best hug you've ever given/received & don't worry about the rest. Let's just do this!

If you're interested in Numerology, I like Lubomir Dimitrov's site. He's a unique blend of spiritual teacher & scientist & he puts a great deal of time & care into his work. Go here to read what he says about the number 11. 'Cuz, that's just part of the fun.

Are you in? Let me know what you're experiencing by participating.

Seeing this post too late? I believe the plan is to keep it going on more 11 dates, so check their website anyway! And, if you miss it all together, just know that at every moment in every part of the world, people are lifting their hearts up to create a harmonious existence on planet Earth right now. There's no better time to start!