Excerpt from HEAVEN, a novel – Ch. 24, “Letter From The Blonde”


“The Creator loves the created because we’re a part of the Creator’s own essence. That Essence shows itself everywhere, hoping we’ll notice and accept. You need to learn to accept the reality of unconditional love, in whatever way you can find to conceive of it. You were created beautifully, through Divine intention – your physical features, your personality, your talents, your soul. Then you – we all – turn around and tell God we’re not satisfied with the outcome. I think dogs, trees and rocks are a lot smarter – they’re satisfied with who they are!”

“So this is what he wanted?” Abbey asks, her face and gesture mocking her own being. “I’m a stripper who loves a stiff drink, a hit of coke and a good fuck. I don’t fit in at a church. I’ve gone once or twice and I thought the place was gonna spontaneously combust at the sight of me. Face it, Eve, some of us just don’t fit in with God.”

I laugh. “I gotta tell ya. I’ve heard that one before and I can’t help but find the humor in the fact that people think the entire Universe could actually cave at the sight of their indiscretions! How arrogant is that? Really?”

“Well, I’ve never really thought about it like that,” she says. She shakes her head and opens her mouth in a “duh” gesture. Maybe she’ll do some thinking here.

“It’s just another roadblock you throw up for yourself, Abbey – comparing yourself to others. You’re right – you don’t fit the same mold. God is much more diverse than we’re willing to accept. I think Divinity experiences its immense creativity through our differences. God the Rock Star, God the Garbage Collector, God the Elementary School Teacher, the Computer Programmer, the Manicurist, the Stripper…”

“Okay, okay. I get it,” Abbey interrupts, shaking her head at me. “You’re havin’ just a little too much fun with that whole thing.”

 I laugh and shrug my shoulders. It is fun for me.   © 2010 Kimberly Cain

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