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This post contains Parts 1 – 4 of the LIO Radio broadcast originally streamed live on 5/26/10. The podcast is broken up into 4 parts to make it easier for you to listen at your leisure.

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Show Intro – What is LIO? Intention behind the show.

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Intuitive Guidance – Personal Subjective Truth vs Universal Truth.
We can always find everything we need to back up our “positions” & put others in the wrong. When holding rigidly to our positions, we’re operating from fear. Doing this, we prevent our own growth.
I believe in presenting you with ideas, then giving you some space to move those ideas into the body through music. Even if we don’t know exactly what to do with new ideas on an intellectual level, our spirits know exactly what to do! Music, dance – movement shakes old ideas loose & allows our bodies to integrate new ones without the resistance we create on the mental plane.

Songs:  Truth by Kelly Brown/Local Honey
Whatever I Fear – by Toad the Wet Sprocket
Drive – by Incubus

 Book – Jesus & Lao Tzu: The Parallel Sayings – edited by Martin Aronson

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time 11:40

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Intuitive Guidance – As an intuitive guide, I have the opportunity to see a person’s true spirit. I find that most people are unaware of how powerful they really are. Adhering to stories from past pain causes us to define ourselves as powerless victims, which is not a Universal Truth! The ego is fragile, but the spirit is bold & connected to Universal Truth.
Ask yourself this question – “What if my belief system were not true?” Pay attention to any emotions that arise. You may experience anger, dread, anxiety – all signals that you’re alive & you have somewhere to go from there!
This segment contains a meditation for the purpose of invoking emotion – for opening to Divine Love, learning to be an observer in a space free from judgment. Truth has a “ring” to it, a high vibration. Learning to hear the difference between this & the painful voice of the ego can make all the difference between merely surviving & thriving in life.

Songs:   Second Chance – by Shinedown
Meditation with Cathar Rhythm & Ameno – by Era


LIO Radio_Tune Your Vibes_5-26-10_Pt4_Heaven Ch15 Reading

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time 15:00

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Reading from HEAVEN, a novel.
Excerpt from Chapter 15 – The Catholic’s Back – Pt II.
Song – Exposed – from the complimentary CD that comes with the novel. Written by KB Cain & R. Rueffer. Performed by Reggie Rueffer – Read the story of this song & get liner notes.

Listen to the 2nd hour of LIO Radio, The Naked Vibes Hour. Interview with Author/Aikido Master, Lynn Fabia.

Please share your thoughts on anything here or feel free to add something totally new!
What is the “story” of your life? Is it the story you want it to be? Is that story worth holding onto? What would you have to do to create a new story & let go of the old one that no longer serves you? Are you willing to do that in order to claim the truth of your powerful spirit? Do you believe that your spirit is intimately connected to a Universal Spirit – God, Consciousness, Creator (or any other term you care to use)?

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