Excerpt from HEAVEN, a novel – Ch. 35, “Eve’s Dinner Speech” (#2)

“You deceive yourself in thinking that I see the dregs of society in my chambers, so to speak. I see everyman. I am seeing more & more of corporate, political & religious society in my world all the time & I believe they’ll keep coming in droves as long as human beings continue to separate themselves from each other & ultimately, from God. We’ve made wonderful technological advances, but they haven’t come without a price to our individual freedom. The more we hide behind our email & our voice mail, the more disconnected we become. We are sensual beings. We connect with the Divine Spirit by connecting with ourselves & with each other.

“People need to look at the naked human body because they need to experience beauty. Some need a mirror in which to experience their own sensuality because they’re too repressed to let themselves go. I truly believe they are experiencing the Sacred through me, whether they ever think of it in that way or not.” 
  © 2010 Kimberly Cain

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