LIO Radio – Live Inside Out – Interview with Aikido Master & Author, Lynn Fabia

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This LIO Radio broadcast of the Naked Vibes Lynn Fabia bookcover hour originally streamed live on 5/26/10
(recorded at the Enlumnia Radio Network). Featuring an interview with Lynn Fabia, 6th degree Aikido black belt & author of The Martial Art of Life: The Art of Intentional Living.

Lynn is a visionary teacher in the martial art of Aikido & holds lectures, using Aikido as a metaphor, to share life concepts with others for the intent of higher understanding.

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Lynn teaches the art of moving Truth – the energy of Spirit – into the body. She defines external martial arts vs. Aikido, an internal martial art or “life practice”. She talks about: “soft focus” as a starting point for intentional movement of energy, “dancing” effortlessly with opposing energies, conflict & resistance (in Aikido, at work, in personal relationships) – learning to respond, instead of reacting = growth.

There is a difference between “being spiritual” & simply recognizing that we are spiritual. Truth has a ring to it – you know it when you hear it! For more on this, listen to the previous hour – LIO Radio: Tune Your Vibes  – Universal Truth vs. Personal Subjective Truth.            

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Chapter 7 of Lynn’s book, The Martial Art of Life: The Art of Intentional Living – “The Power of Redirection”. It’s difficult to respond when we’re operating in a lower vibrational energy. Anyone can develop the energy to raise their internal vibration, through breathing, music, & movement to create balance – regardless of size, age, identity. Conflicts lose their negativity in a higher vibration, we develop healthy boundaries & the fear of death is not present in this energy field.

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Intuitive Guidance – Take time to learn something new, for the purpose of being a beginner (recreating yourself), or take a current skill to a new level – do the inner work to get out of your comfort zone. Raising your vibration in one area raises it in all areas of life. Creating an opening makes us a path of least resistance for the Power of Spirit to work within us.
Claiming personal power, setting boundaries so you’re not pulled off course by others’ projections & statements about your worth. 

Song:   Lightning Crashes – by Live


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Lynn discusses the creation of her new children’s book to help them direct their energy & build their integrity & self-esteem. She shares a personal story about her own teen years when she was voted “least likely to succeed”.
Today, Lynn responds to comments about how easy she makes it look as an Aikido Master by pointing out the ease of more than 20 years of dedication & practice! 

 Song:   Today (Watch Me Shine) – by Everlast


Please share your thoughts!
Do you pay close enough attention to the subtle signals from your body to detect Truth from falsehood?
What difference has it made for you when you respond vs. react to life situations?
Can you feel the difference between operating in a lower vibration & being “in the flow” of high vibrational spiritual energy?
Do you believe music, art, & movement classes for school children are important for helping them to develop inner strength, integrity, gratitude & other spiritual attributes?