Divine Feminine – She’s in Full Bloom!

Women everywhere are answering the call to express this Divine Feminine energy that flows like sensual, liquid fire.
Inspiring, Courageous, Creative, Beauty-full!

I'm on a high from seeing two extraordinarily beautiful & powerful women "do their thing" over the last couple of evenings & I feel the need to share the experiences with you. Reason being – I imagine a lot of extraordinarily beautiful & powerful women coming my way who need to know that they're in this camp! I want to inspire you to be exactly who & what you are by introducing you to these lovely ladies.

I received an invitation from my friend, Carolyn, to attend a video shoot.     
I hadn't seen her & her husband Rickey "Bongo" Carthen in a while. Rickey performed with my sister & me for many years in our band, Frankly Scarlet. He's a gifted percussionist & harmonica player, as well as producer (but that's another story!). I wanted to see the couples' latest creation, so I carved out some time to stop by the shoot last night. I was floored & unprepared for what I saw when I arrived. I was expecting to see a full band performing a new song with Rickey at his signature percussion set-up & Carolyn on vocals. I first thought the shoot hadn't started because Rickey came to the venue door to let me in & there were just a couple of young guys & a girl sitting on stage in sparkly clothes – no instruments to be seen.
The PA started pumping music & they got up & went into a hot dance routine. I then realized that the
"girl" up there was my friend, Carolyn. Kavi-R - 2 WOW! She was absolutely stunning! She always has been, but as she said, "For years, I've been behind the scenes & it was time for me to take the stage on my own. It feels really good & if it's for anything, it's for me."

Well, I can tell you that Carolyn's time definitely has come – as Kavi-R! She wrote & performed the song, "It's the Shoes", for the video shoot, produced a story-board for a filmed story sequence, & choreographed & performed a dance routine. I can't wait to see the final video & direct you to see it when it's finished. The important part here, though, is Carolyn's journey. She's been 100% supportive of her husband & their two gorgeous children. Many people give up on their own creative dreams after being in a supporting role to others for a while. Sometimes, they don't even remember what their dreams were. This venture is a transformative experience for Carolyn & it's already a huge success because Carolyn has empowered herself to remember & explore the parts of her creativity that have been "waiting in the wings". What an inspiration!

Tonight, I learned that a dear friend was in town from Santa Fe & that she would be teaching a NIA class.
I only had a half hour to change & get to the dance studio – I had to make it because I needed to move my bones & I certainly didn't want to miss seeing & dancing with Jamie. When she moved from Dallas to Santa Fe a year ago, Jamie Klein was in the process of transforming herself – not to become someone different, but to become who she truly is. Exquisitely feminine. Jamie Klein 2b Jamie & I met in a NIA class & immediately connected on a very deep level. She was leaving a job as a top salesperson for Lexus, where she worked ten-hour days. She was in a very masculine, numbers-driven environment & had worn the clothes well to get the job done. She also had a lot of pain in her right side.

During our first conversation, I knew intuitively that Jamie's body, mind, & spirit were screaming
for her feminine nature to come out & play. Her right side, representing her masculine energy, was locked up & saying it had had enough. It was time for balance or else. Fortunately, Jamie 
was listening to her inner voice. She embraced the practice of NIA & it led her through the door to an incredible journey. Click here to read about it.

Like the wonderful surprise last night with Carolyn, I was blessed to experience it again tonight with Jamie! The woman leading the class was a totally transformed Jamie. She had shed the old "suit" & is wearing her Self like a shining beacon of joy & vitality. And that is a gift not to be underestimated. Jamie's willingness to strip her old skin & start anew, to find her true Self, has led to a ministry of joy-in-the-body that is touching the lives of countless others.

I saw the Spirit of the Divine Feminine in Carolyn & Jamie & I can assure you, there is nothing sexier than this Inner Fire, this Sacred Joy (both of their husbands agree!). You may not know these two women, but you can see the Divine Feminine Spirit, too – you won't have to look too far, as She is showing up in more & more places & faces. She is powerful, but don't let Her frighten you. Your fear is only a sign that you recognize this dormant Divine power within yourself. If you were to awaken Her, She would surely take you on a wild ride – a ride to the core of your own True Nature – your God/Goddess Self. Ummmmm, delicious. Whenever you're ready, Love. I can't wait to see you shine. 



I delight in inspiring others to break through barriers & shine as their True Selves.

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