Gifts Every Day – Open Your Eyes

A White Christmas!

What a Gift!

Many people have been consumed with the fear of recession this year. Job loss has certainly been a reality for many & along with that, the consequence of slimmer pickens under the Christmas tree (or any other holiday celebration gathering). My intent is not to make light of the situation, only to express my belief that recession, as we call it, is a natural process. Nature takes what is no longer productive & destroys it in order to make way for new growth & it is the same with any other process in the material realm – our economy included.

During difficult times, one can find much solace, hope & peace in looking to nature, where the process of decay & rejuvenation is quite visible. Focusing on the unknown, ruminating on dire possibilities, is a waste of precious energy & a lack of trust in the goodness of the powerful Source which sustains us.

Texans don't often experience a White Christmas, so it's a real gift. We received that gift this year – a gift that brought child-like joy to many. There are gifts to be found every day, no matter the circumstance. Open your eyes…open your heart. See it…believe it – the gifts are ever before you. We are a part of a powerful Source & that Source – God, Mother Nature – will continue to sustain us.

What gift are you experiencing right now? Please add your comment! It can be a blessing to others.