Stop Searching for God – Become Aware of God & Change the World

We are LOVE MOVERS! Let's get a move on!

I have often heard from a friend or acquaintance, "I pray, but I don't get anything back," "I pray, but it doesn't seem like I'm connecting,"I don't know how to pray," or even, "I've been searching, but I guess I don't know how to find God."

Maybe it's the definition of God that needs to be updated. My experience tells me that where I am, God is. So it goes for you that where you are, God is. When we search for God, we are doing so with the belief that God is separate from us.

All great spiritual traditions teach us in some form that God, Divine Spirit, Universal Consciousness (or whatever your naming preference) is not only an energy that encompasses ALL things, it is an energy that is carried within us, as us. This is a powerful truth – one that, when fully adopted by all humans, will change everything about the world as we know it.

The time for sentimentality about our spiritual nature is changing & needs to change. The sappiness & misrepresentation, by various religions, claiming to have exclusive understanding of & connection to God has kept far too many people at a distance from their own Divine nature.

There is no place you can go that Spirit is not with you. You can only perceive that you are separated from Spirit & so you will be. As soon as you decide to alter this perception & make a conscious choice to see that God's Spirit is within you, you will cease to experience separation – in the blink of an eye. When you feel the separation return, & it will, simply remember that you hold the key to its dissolution – alter your perception.

Understanding that the Holy Spirit (Wholeness or Completeness) is ever present gives you the power to conquer all forms of disillusionment & fear. It gives you the knowledge that you are a powerful being, intended to move LOVE through the world as a force of nature. Your value as a LOVE MOVER cannot be overstated.