Miracles – Inspiration from a WWII Vet

Experiencing miracles as the norm in everyday life is about perspective.

I just watched a special on History Channel called WWII in HD. War is not my thing, but I wandered into the room on this & found it interesting to hear a veteran named Charles Scheffel talk about his miracle experiences.

He was lying on the battlefield, very close to death – in fact, he felt himself leave his body, then again, felt his return to his body. He knew he wanted to live, knew he had to move from that spot if he was going to survive. He pulled himself along the ground, amidst the dead, & the first person he came into contact with was a medic.

He told it this way: "I said, Medic, what's your name? The medic said, 'Jesus' [Hispanic pronunciation]." Then Captain Scheffel gave a little laugh, remembering the miracle he experienced. "Jesus", he said, translating to his own English.

He relayed another miracle story, later in the documentary, about his desire to return home to make love with his wife. He was shipped to San Antonio & there were so many vets there with their families that no hotel rooms were available anywhere. He sat in a hotel lobby three hours before his wife was to join him wondering how he would find a place to greet her & hoping there would be a room cancellation somewhere. A man appeared & handed him a key to a suite.

In the midst of death & destruction, this man found the miracles. Miracles are our everyday occurrences, if we open our awareness. How else can the exact same situation be viewed as a tragedy by some & a miracle by others?

It's all about perspective. Choose your foundation, then build your life upon it.

Please comment & share the ways you perceive miracles in your everyday life.
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