Give the Gift of Your Creative Spirit

The world needs you to shine. No one else can do it just the way you do!

One of the greatest gifts you can give to others is the gift of your creative spirit. Are you in touch with your own creativity? If not, what would you enjoy doing to bring it to life? I encourage you to give yourself that gift…and the sooner, the better!  

The gift of music is one of the ways I share my spirit. We’re just 2 days away from the 5th Annual Local Honey Holiday Mix. It’s a fantastic, festive evening produced by my sister, Kelly Brown (aka Local Honey) & involves the talents of a stage full of wonderfully talented musicians & lots of folks off-stage as well. HolidayMix08_all_light I love watching it come together & I’m always blessed by the incredible creative spirits surrounding me in the process.

Inevitably, it always seems like there’s much more to do than can ever be accomplished in the available time. Once we get down to the few days prior to the show, however, I’m reminded that it always works out well. When the creative juices of everyone in the band are flowing, the energy can’t help but concentrate as joy!

Rehearsal first – here’s a little “behind the scenes” video. 

Getting a bunch of musicians together to rehearse at 10:00 on a Saturday morning is a feat. Even though some may grumble just a little, we all settle in once the music starts. It’s good for the soul. In fact, it is the soul!

I hope you enjoy your holidays. Sing, listen to beautiful music, dance, relax, get together with people you love & create some magic. Above all, let the Spirit be your guide. When the hustle-bustle gets to be too much, just stop…….

Breathe. Be in the moment.
It’s a time for appreciating the good gifts of this precious life.


See a video from last year’s show here.