Winter Solstice – Dec. 21st Lunar Eclipse – Receptivity – Divine Feminine

The beauty of darkness, turning inward & waiting to receive, waiting for enlightenment.

The total lunar eclipse in this morning’s early hours was beautiful – stunning & surreal. The moon, long a symbol of feminine energy, Total-lunar-eclipse revealed herself for a short time without the reflection of the sun’s light, a symbol of the masculine.

Receptivity is the very heart of the Divine Feminine energy. Winter Solstice, the pagan holiday that pre-dates Christmas, & most other religious winter holidays, happened to coincide with a total lunar eclipse this year. Experts say the last occurrence was in 1554 & the next will be in 2094 – a relatively rare event.

The event is rich in symbolism, as is this time of year, period. The beauty of rich symbolic imagery is the opportunity to learn & incorporate new ways of thinking & being into our lives – to continually be born anew.

Winter Solstice marks the shortest day & longest night of the year. Darkness, depth, introspection, like the womb, is the place where the seed of Divine love is planted & must have time to germinate. Spending some time in the depths of your psyche will reveal the power & importance of vulnerability & receptivity. These qualities are necessary for transforming our lives – as individuals & as a collective consciousness. They are also the qualities most overlooked & undervalued in the busyness of the Western culture.

Developing our sixth sense, intuition (a feminine energy attribute), is an essential element for living a joyful & compassionate life. It will prove to be more & more valuable as humanity continues to evolve & expand its consciousness – its awareness of our unity with nature & with one another. 

Whether you celebrate a religious holiday or not, you can bring about the rejuvenation/rebirth of the Christ Consciousness within you – the newborn child, the refreshed imagination preparing to burst forth as the energy of creativity & new life. This energy is a part of all of us – it is a part of nature itself & begins in the darkness & quietude of the receptive, vulnerable heart. I encourage you to give yourself the gift of quiet time, allowing the Divine Feminine energy to embrace & nurture you, to remind you of your soul’s true calling & to be thankful for the darkness – for rest, peace, & the simple beauty of vulnerability & receptivity.

The light always dawns again after the darkness, for they are Divine partners.

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