Music Lifts Our Spirits At The Holidays

Several years ago, I found myself in an irritable mood while Christmas shopping. Besides the crowds, traffic & overly commercialized season, I realized the reason for my irritability had a lot to do with music. Really? Music is one of the greatest loves of my life! How could that be?

Well, I found that I was hearing the same old tired tunes pumped into every establishment I patronized from the gas station to the mall to the doctor’s office. It was like hearing a two-month-long broken record & that’s akin to torture.

I wasn’t going to be able to yell, “Stop it! Just shut up!”, like I really wanted to & have the whole community tap into my frequency. See, I know if it was irritating me, it was irritating at least a few other people too. So, I vowed to create my own Christmas music for my own enjoyment. After all, Christmas music is Frankly Scarlet "Rejoice" Christmas CD, Holiday Music supposed to be uplifting, fun, & inspirational. I knew I had to regain that holiday musical spirit – it was too valuable to lose. Fortunately, my sister, Kelly, felt the same way.

Download the “Rejoice” CD from ITunes

We started in June for the next year. We called in a bunch of our talented friends & had a blast creating music we all enjoyed. We did it for ourselves. The joy we all experienced really shines through in the songs. That’s just what I was looking for!

We made CDs on home burners & gave it as a gift to our friends & family that Christmas. A funny thing happened. People started calling & wanting 2, 5, 10 copies to give to others. We eventually had to go to press with the CD & it has endured year after year with people continuing to tell us how much they enjoy it.

That led to the creation of a live holiday show, now in its 5th year of production. That’s a joy & another story!

So, the original obstacle provided the creative juice needed to create something fresh & new in my life. What “obstacle” or “block” can you turn into a whole new avenue for your creativity & joy?

 When you create from your own joy, it naturally spreads & uplifts others.

Listen & Enjoy

“Holiday Cheer”   

 Holiday Cheer

  “Coventry Carol”   

Coventry Carol

 “You’re a Mean One, Mr. Grinch”
You’re A Mean One, Mr. Grinch

Download the “Rejoice” CD from ITunes

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