Forgiveness – The Hidden Key to Success, Happiness & Freedom

My own life experience, along with countless stories I’ve heard & read from others, has taught me that forgiveness is the most powerful tool we have – aside from unconditional love, itself – for creating lasting success & happiness in our lives. It’s a word we all know, so why do I call it the “hidden key”?


It’s one of those things that’s hidden in plain sight because most people don’t understand what forgiveness really is or how to do it, let alone the power it has to transform our lives. Most of us only know it as a word that lives in the same neighborhood with apology, but not as an intentional action to be used as a tool for life mastery.

We hold back on forgiveness, believing we first need an apology from others for wrong they may have done to us or hurt they may have caused. We believe that, by forgiving, we’re condoning the wrongful acts of others or even giving them permission to continue their ways. We believe that forgiveness means stuffing our feelings & playing the “good guy”. We believe the idea that forgiveness can really change anything in our lives is simply naive. These false beliefs put a barrier between us & the truth about the power of forgiveness.

Truth: Forgiveness is not for the other person. It’s for the sake of your own freedom! The other person may very well benefit, but even if they don’t, you will.

If you’re living in a state of un-forgiveness, you burn a huge amount of energy focusing on the wrong that’s been done to you, instead of spending that time living with peace of mind & rockin’ your world. Your emotional state determines the quality of your life. Choosing to forgive others in order to achieve well-being is a massive act of Self-Love!

Who, or what, do you need to forgive to get on with your happiness? Are you willing to do it right now? If not, please take a minute to calculate the number of days, months or years that you are willing to stay locked in the prison created by a hurtful word or wrongful act.
Then make a note to self. You hold the key.