Live Your Truth As If Your Life Depends On It – ‘Cuz it Does

How much thought do you put into the fact that YOU are inseparable from your truth?

If you’re living what you know to be true for you, deep in your gut, no matter what anyone else thinks of it, then you are really living.

Indonesian_mask_Honolulu Museum Art

If you’ve got your truth hidden away, in a deep dark place inside, where no one else can see it – if you’re living as you think you should, based on others’ expectations & society’s norms – you’re committing slow suicide.

Yep. You can feel it sucking the life right out of you.

Halloween is approaching.
Give that false persona one last hoorah.
Then, don’t you agree
that it’s time to take off the mask
& start living?

Want to know more about living your personal truth?
Listen to this audio podcast.

What one thing could you change to open up to your truth more fully?
How would it impact the level of satisfaction you feel in your life & your ability to give your love more fully to everyone around you? To your professional endeavors? Share it in the comments below!

Indonesian Mask, Honolulu Museum of Art. Photo credit: Public Domain