Is Your Shadow Stifling Your Success?

I recently spent a day in Salem, Massachusetts soaking up all the witch lore. I’m fascinated by it.

Sarah Good - Accused Salem Witch - Memorial

Sarah Good Memorial – Accused Salem Witch, Hanged
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Fascinated that man has always found fault with fellow man, & too often, to harrowing ends.

People branded as witches have always been “outliers” – those who beat to a different drum. They were (& are) creative – often artists, natural healers who used home-grown herbs to cure ills, & intuitively in touch with nature.

Giles Corey - Accused Salem Witch - Memorial

Giles Corey Memorial – Accused Salem Witch,
Pressed to Death (click to see larger image)

The Salem “Witches” were hanged because their community needed scapegoats for projecting their own inner demons – for ridding themselves of the things they didn’t understand. History repeats the pattern over & over. Hitler, McCarthy, the Ku Klux Klan have all hunted “witches” & we’re still going strong – in various shades, all over the world.

We seem to always need an outer monster to prevent us from seeing the monster that lies within.

What ideas, feelings & experiences are you keeping locked up because you’ve judged them inappropriate, inadequate, weird, or even crazy?

Salem Witch Memorial - "Innocent of Wickedness"

“Help Me…God Knows I Am Wholly Innocent of Such Wickedness”
Salem Witch Memorial (click to see larger image)

How is the lock-down affecting your personal life? What about your ability to succeed on a professional level? The subconscious mind has an amazing ability to mask our shadow selves, preventing us from ever understanding how we can use the clues from our shadow to unmask our blind spots. The good news is that we can consciously inform ourselves in order to create a brighter, more enlightened future.

Salem Witch Memorial - "I Am Innocent; I Am Wronged"

Salem Witch Memorial – “I Am Innocent; I Am Wronged”
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The Shadow Knows! The more we judge our hidden nature as “bad”, the less we understand the brilliance that may be buried there. Here’s a Halloween suggestion: Ask your shadow what it knows about your hidden Creative Genius. Ask how it might safely come out into the light, to play & to teach, instead of projecting its darkness onto others & thereby wreaking havoc. Who knows? You might just discover the cure for cancer, or have the equation for the world’s next clean-burning fuel, or…the next  wild dance move craze buried in your shadow self!

Halloween approaches. Come on out.

Music has amazing power to shine a light into the darkness. Join us live in The REALM™ on November 3rd – we’ll all peek into the shadows together!
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