Thanksgiving…it’s not just the name of a specific day. It’s an act to be engaged in every day!

Thankfulness & Gratitude are attitudes – states of being – not to be overestimated in the grand scheme of living a joyful life. Sure, there are days when you don’t feel so thankful – say, on a day when you lose your job or someone hurls a hurtful remark your way. I’ve found, however, that circumstances are ultimately not what determines my joy. Neither do they determine my ability to be thankful. There are always reasons to be thankful – one need only “feel into” the heart of gratitude – yes, just go there. You can start very simply:

“I’m grateful for the sun shining & warming my face today.”
“I’m thankful for the very breath that circulates within me.”
“I appreciate seeing the various colors nature offers me daily.”


Move on from there. No matter who or where you are, you can make quite a list. Then feel your heart fill with gratitude. It will eventually become so full, it will have no choice but to spill over onto others. Your gratitude will multiply as you experience the return of your joy!

Photo: Thanksgiving Square chapel interior, Dallas, TX. Personal picture taken by Wikipedia User:RadicalBender.

Christian mystic, Meister Eckhart, wrote, “If the only prayer you said in your whole life was ‘Thank You’, that would suffice.”

I’m grateful for the joy of performing music with many gifted musicians. Right now, I’m getting ready for the annual holiday show I perform in each year. My sister, Kelly Brown, created the Local Honey Holiday Mix five years ago & it’s always a blessing to participate. The songs are uplifting & fun for a change of pace from our usual musical genres. I had a blast doing Louis Armstrong’s “Cool Yule” last year. Enjoy holiday tunes from our CD Rejoice (when we were Frankly Scarlet) on ITunes.

Thank you!

 If you can’t see the video – click here.