Chuck the baggage. It’s 2013 – just bring yourself.

What if you just let go of all the baggage that’s been weighting you down over the last year (or decade or lifetime)?

Seriously. You can. And I guarantee you will feel lighter in so many ways – as in fewer pounds on the bod, less stress, less dis-ease, more laughter, more peace of mind, & more energy to LIVE at full throttle.Kim moves

Here’s a start:

1) Let go of your old story; start painting the new one. Defining yourself as “needing to lose 10 lbs”, “battling cancer”, “between jobs”, “in a complicated relationship” may not be serving your highest aspirations & dreams. If none of your hardships were true, what would define you? What do you want to define you?

2) Lose the idea of being “too busy” to indulge the things that make you feel happy. Time is defined in our minds & by our choices. Choose to “spend time” with Joy. You’ll find new alternatives springing from your more enlightened state.

3) Trash the idea that you’re too old, too young, too fat, too thin – too anything – to be the person you were born to be. If you’ve always wanted to play piano, start now. You don’t have to perform at Carnegie Hall for it to matter. It’ll matter to you.

4) Kick the haters to the curb. If you find you’re surrounded by people who belittle your ideas, desires & dreams, ask yourself why you’re holding this energy pattern in place. What is the cost to you? We’ll never be buoyed up by others in everything we do, but it is imperative that we cultivate as many championship relationships as we can – & that’s a two-way street. (You don’t have to really kick anyone, BTW. Just carve a path through the traffic jam, so you can clearly see your destiny waving you in).

5) Let go of the idea that you must stick to the same way of living, behaving, working…if it’s not working. We tend to stick with the labels that other people have given us, & the straight-laced definitions we’ve carved for ourselves, finding it difficult & painful to break free. You are a child of the Universe. You have a right to be who you are. Give yourself permission to dance like a wild banshee & see what shakes loose.

Speaking of shaking loose – I’m ringing in the new year with an organic dance jam. I’ll emerge with all kinds of new ideas to inspire you to become more of who you are & to share it with the world. That’s what inspires me!

Here’s to your new story of a brilliant, happy, healthy future full of creative juice, time to do the things you love most, to be with the people you care for & who care for you, & to Thrive at full throttle!

Happy New Year 2013

P.S. If you need a jump-start to get you moving, try my Rhythmic Movement Meditations. They’re fun, sexy, & designed to release that old, worn-out  baggage that’s keeping you constricted. Rhythm sets you free!