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Kimberly in The REALM

Glimpses of the Unknown – You can rely on Love in the midst of darkness

Love is more than a sentiment & goes far beyond religion. Love heals. Why do skeptics & some scientists work so hard to debunk experiences of Light that uplift people in their darkest hours? Watch this week’s REALM video for stories of angels & the Light that shines in the darkness. + Music

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Secrets for Living a SuperCharged Life

It takes a lot of energy to get up on a large stage & motivate an early morning audience. The key is understanding how to generate that kind of energy. Putting a few key elements into practice will make the difference between living a fulfilling life & a dud. Brendon Burchard shares key secrets in […]

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Money & Spirituality – Yes, they do mix!

The essence of the message in spiritual teachings of giving up your money is not as much about the money as it is about the “trappings” of the money. Money is used for SO much good in this world. Think about it – money is not, in & of itself, worth anything. It is what […]

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