Rising Shadows & the Rhythm of Love – heal yourself

Drums & drumming are among mankind’s oldest healing tools. Used by ancient shamans to dance with the darkness & determine how best to bring an ailing person to light & healing, the rhythm still works the same way for us today. So, why is this powerful tool still so little used for this purpose?

Watch this video from The REALM to hear about rhythm & vibrations that alert us to danger & help us to heal ourselves. Our survival – & more, our ability to thrive – depends on getting in tune with the Earth. Percussionist Martin McCall joins me to lay it down!

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To get you to spots of interest quickly:
0:05 – Welcome to The REALM
1:00 – Percussion performance – Martin McCall
3:15 — “Rising Shadows & the Rhythm of Love” — Halloween is approaching. Rhythm grounds us in the face of fear.
7:00 – Gavin de Becker’s book, “The Gift of Fear” has a great lesson to teach
14:12 – How do we dance with the shadows & bring them into the Light?
20:35 – Rhythm meditation creates powerful transformation. An out-of-work attorney uses them to get a job! Watch his own testimony here.
23:19 — Rhythmic Movement Meditation — Excerpts from Rumi (warning: somebody got hold of a shaker!)
24:30 — The REALM = Radical EvolutionAry Love Makers™ – what does that mean?
25:10 — “Radiate Love” — movin’ it!