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REALM @ Heaven Book Release Party/Concert_Kim_DavePrez_TimCain

Purpose, Passion & Dumping the “Shoulds”

Our creativity is too often quashed by another person’s ideas of what we “should” be doing. It is our responsibility to mine our own purpose & to guide others to understanding that we’ll be much better partners, co-workers, & neighbors when we grace one another with the freedom to be our true selves. I don’t […]

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Radiate Love - watercolor, KBCain

Radiate Love – audio meditation treats to elevate your day

So many people are suffering in one form or another. From illness to divorce, from school bullying to job loss, we’re all presented with circumstances that weigh heavily on our hearts, on our psyche. I want to remind you that Love is more powerful than any hardship we face – so, I created 2 rhythmic […]

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Terrier dance_©2013 Kelly Brown

Cringing. “Did I really say that?” Rectifying.

Ugly words spoken to my sister’s childhood friend still hurt. How do I move out of the energy of embarrassment & into the energy of the “Snoopy dance”? 3 steps to get your joy back, so you can travel lighter, stop ruminating on your misdeeds, do better work & play well with others.

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Video - Let Go of Resentment; Create Love Instantly

Love is a Revolutionary act. Bring it on.

When a former drummer came to me & said he felt “dead” inside, I learned he was harboring a lot of resentment. I told him he needed to get his groove back. Resentment kills the groove. The groove is made of love. Love is the foundation for pleasure, happiness, joy – all the things we […]

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Kim moves

Chuck the baggage. It’s 2013 – just bring yourself.

What if you just let go of all the baggage that’s been weighting you down over the last year (or decade or lifetime)? Seriously. You can. Here are 5 ways to feel lighter, freer & have more energy to LIVE at full throttle.

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