Gold hidden in plain sight

Imagine having twenty years of experience under your belt – in the area of your dream job – and not even realizing it’s there. Sound incredible, or even impossible? It’s actually a very common story.

I recently coached a woman who had been in an accounting job she hated for twelve years, without a raise in five. She didn’t know her life purpose or remember her dreams; they had so long been buried. Together, we worked & played to find the rhythm of her life & discovered that she had a passion for real estate – for properties & land. This brought up a new concern for her, though. How would she recreate her career? Go back to school? Start at the bottom of the employment ladder until she learned the industry?

Continuing to mine for gold, I uncovered the fact that she had been managing twenty rental properties for eighteen years! She saw this as something she did “on the side” as a help to her mother. This “side” job was not only linked to her real passion, it was experience that could be used immediately to position her as an expert in commercial property management.

Needless to say, she was stunned when I revealed this truth to her. She rewrote her resume with her passion as her current position, in place of the job she hated in the top spot. Not only did this create an instant career replacement, it was a complete makeover in her confidence level & passion for life.

Treasure Chest

This discovery process was intuitively guided, with practical exercises designed to unearth the essence of my client – the gifts & talents that are unique to her. Music, movement & meditation also played key roles in shifting her mindset, in order for her to imagine herself in a larger role in her own life & in the world. Not only was this a life-changing experience for her, it was extremely gratifying for me as well. It’s a real gift to see the passion of another person come to life.

 What gold is sitting in your treasure chest, hidden in plain sight?

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