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Life, Love & Work Have a Rhythm. Can You Feel It?

You have your own unique rhythm; a certain way you move in the world. The way you think, play, share your joy, do your work, express your creativity, engage your sexuality, practice your faith – it’s your rhythm. You’ll find your life purpose between the beats.

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Your Path to Greatness – Closer Than You Think

You have a unique path & life purpose. It’s as close to you as your very breath, but it requires courage & commitment to step into it. When? Uh…like, NOW! It doesn’t require that you do it perfectly, just that you do it. That is, if you dig freedom in this lifetime.

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The Power to Choose. Rock Your Freedom Today & Every Day.

The power to choose is the birthright of every human being & Election Day is an exercise of this Freedom. Many conscientious people are put off by today’s political process, but we can’t afford to give up our power just because we dislike the climate. The decision not to choose is still a choice. Empower […]

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