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Shaman from LA Day of the Dead website

Dia De Los Muertos – Clues for Life’s Transitions

Most of us have a deadly fear of change & so resist it at great cost. The funny thing about it is that it’s going to happen anyway! The practice of shapeshifting can help us through any kind of transition & ultimate transformation in our lives.

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Salem Witch Memorial - "I Am Innocent; I Am Wronged"

Is Your Shadow Stifling Your Success?

The more we judge our hidden nature as “bad”, the less we understand the brilliance that may be buried there. And the more likely we are to project our inner “demons” onto others, as we’re so prone to do. Halloween is a perfect time to ask your shadow what it knows about your hidden Creative […]

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Forgiveness – The Hidden Key to Success, Happiness & Freedom

Living in a state of un-forgiveness, you burn a huge amount of energy focusing on the wrong that’s been done to you, instead of spending that time living with peace of mind & rockin’ your world. Your emotional state determines the quality of your life. Forgiveness is not for the other person. It’s for the […]

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Indonesian_mask_Honolulu Museum Art

Live Your Truth As If Your Life Depends On It – ‘Cuz it Does

If you’ve got your truth hidden away – living as you think you should, based on others’ expectations – you’re committing slow suicide. Halloween is approaching. Give that false persona one last hoorah. Then it’s time to take off the mask & start living.

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Skeleton with Keys by George Wallace III

Wild Sync – Music Teaches a Simpler Way to Make Relationships Work

“Wild sync” happens naturally when images & music are allowed to run simultaneously for an intended purpose. The human brain says, “Wow, the music fits so perfectly with that photo.” What happens if we apply it to our relationships? I’m thinkin’ the dance card would be full!

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