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Excerpt from HEAVEN, a novel – Ch. 24, “Letter From The Blonde”

“It’s a roadblock…comparing yourself to others. You don’t all fit the same mold. God is much more diverse than we’re willing to accept. Divinity experiences its immense creativity through our differences. God the Rock Star, God the Garbage Collector, God the Elementary School Teacher, the Computer Programmer, the Manicurist, the Stripper…” © 2010 Kimberly Cain

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LIO Radio – Live Inside Out_Universal Truth vs Personal Subjective Truth

On LIO Radio, you hear a little about God, a little about sex or money – things that, in our culture, don’t always seem to mix. The intent of LIO is to raise awareness of our wholeness while also entertaining. Listen to this LIO Radio podcast on the Naked Prayers blog!

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Excerpt from HEAVEN, a novel – Ch. 35, “Eve’s Dinner Speech” (#2)

“People need to look at the naked human body because they need to experience beauty. I truly believe they are experiencing the Sacred through me, whether they ever think of it in that way or not.” ~Eve, HEAVEN, a novel, Ch. 35 “Eve’s Dinner Speech” © 2010 Kimberly Cain

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