True Power? It’s on the Inside

When do you feel the height of your Power?

Power meaning this: you feel the complete & total rightness of who you are & what you’re doing in this world & that it matters; you “buzz” with an energy that is vibrant & peaceful at the same time; you know that this energy is eternal – larger than your physical body & able to propel your physical body to take action that is gratifying for you & in service to others as well. In other words – you kick ass in a holy kinda way.

Kelly's Cross

watercolor, KBCain 2001


The only true power comes from within. You have access to it every single moment. And no one can take it from you. Breathe that in.

Bathe in it.

Live it.

Bless us all with the expression
that comes in the package of You.

If you don’t know when you feel (or if you’ve ever felt) this kind of Power, it will be well worth your while to spend time with your own beloved Self figuring it out. Your Life depends on it.