New shoes. New perspectives. Expanded horizons.

Who doesn’t love a new pair of shoes?

Yeah, I understand the value of an old, comfortable pair for floppin’ around the house. But, I’m talkin’ about struttin’ your stuff in a brand new pair of sassy heels, rugged boots, or get-it-done sneakers. We all love the feeling. We remember stand-out pairs from our childhoods. We even remember the events surrounding the acquisition – whether as a gift from Santa, lusting after the perfect pair for going back to school in the fall & visualizing the new friends they would bring our way, or choosing the special pair of sandals for vacation & thinking about the ease with which they would slip on & off by the pool. Shoes are pretty exciting stuff!   Leopard Shoes

New shoes give us the feeling that we can walk into a new world, express ourselves in a new way, take a journey into new territory. New shoes can do far more than just clothe our feet, if we allow them to work some deeper magic. When we envision the places we can go & the things we can do in our new shoes, in the same way we did as children, we shift perspectives. This shift can expand our horizons & literally carry us to realms previously unknown to us.

The imagination is available to create the lives we long to live. It is far too powerful to be shoved into a corner, playing second fiddle to the intellect (or not playing at all). The imagination is where genius reigns.

Put on a new pair of shoes. Then, share in the comments below where you plan to go. 

Walk into your dreams. Transform yourself. Grrrrrrrrow!