Sexuality – Vulnerable & Sacred

SEX – it carries, within it, so much raw power.

Titillating just to insinuate a look at it, a discussion about it, & certainly a taste, smell, thought, or feel of it.

What fear it conjures!

A fan of my novel, Heaven, recently wrote to me that she absolutely loved the book. She said she read it on a plane, but she took the cover off of it. She didn't want anyone to see what she was reading. Another said she "devoured every delicious word". When I asked her if she would consider giving it to a friend as a gift, she said, "Oh, no. I loved it, but it's a bit too racy for my crowd!" I was at the home of yet another fan, a personal friend, who had the book on an end table in her den, again sans cover. Heaven Dust Jacket

What is it about this beautiful, provocative cover? How is it different from the images we see every single day in magazines, TV, on product packaging, websites, etc?

Humans are intuitive beings. I believe they sense the depth of intimacy that lurks within the pages of this novel. And that's the frightening part – not the sex.

Sex, when it's truthful & intimate, is a sacred act. We are vulnerable in our nakedness; & vulnerability takes us out of our comfort zones. That's not a place we like to be – until we experience it in its true, exquisite beauty & freedom, that is.

When we decide to be naked & unashamed, vulnerable to one another in this intimate act, we find peace & pleasure that opens us to the sheer joy of being human.

Holy, Divine Orgasms, folks! It's okay to admit, openly, that you're all for it! And you know what? When you do, you're giving others the gift of knowing they're not alone. The idea that sexuality is "too racy" for your crowd is simply the voice of fear speaking. It is not the Truth. The sooner we open up to one another about our common need for pleasure & the goodness of it, the sooner we will heal many other forms of dis-comfort & dis-ease.

Go ahead, keep the clothes on. Heaven's clothes, that is.

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