Egyptian Virginity Checks – Why Spiritual/Sexual Connection Matters

If you think we, as a human culture, have achieved sexual freedom, think again. Our individual & collective sexuality is attacked from many corners. Why? Because it's effective! Sexuality is at the base of our humanity. Sex is the act that brings us into the physical world. So, it's among the most powerful of human emotions & actions. It's a door of vulnerability within us.

When honored as a sacred act, it has the power to transform the energy generated by physical activity into the psychic energy of Love. Love is an energy with the power to transform the world.

Instead, we are still immersed in a global culture of sexual abuse. From media images devoid of love energy to news reports of sexual "attacks" made by governments to maintain dominance, we are exposed to negative sex attitudes, on a daily basis, in one place or another.

CNN has reported an Amnesty International claim that "female demonstrators were beaten, given electric shocks, strip-searched, threatened with prostitution charges and forced to submit to virginity checks" following a recent government protest in Egypt. A demonstrator said the arresting soldiers wanted to teach her (& the 16 other female protesters) a lesson. A senior general has defended the practice, saying, "The girls who were detained were not like your daughter or mine."

In other words, these were "bad" girls. That's why they were protesting – not because they wanted to make their voices heard!

Sexuality is powerful. When we finally recognize it as a gateway to our highest, most excellent Selves – our spiritual Selves – we will be able to use this energy for boundless good. Because it creates Pleasure – & Pleasure is a path to Joy. Through Joy, sheer Genius is channeled into the world.

Perhaps these oppressors are aware of this power – this sleeping giant that, once awakened, could upend their agenda? Hmmm…surely not. Nevertheless, we should never underestimate the damage that can be commanded from the base camp of the subconscious mind.