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This podcast is broken up into 4 parts to make it easier for you to listen at your leisure. This post contains Parts 2,3 & 4 of the LIO Radio broadcast originally streamed live on 5/19/10. To listen to Part 1, click here – Intro to Live Inside Outauthenticity for living a powerful, joyful life.

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LIO Radio_Tune Your Vibes_5-19-10_Pt2_Opening To Intuition-Meditation

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time 11:11

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Intuitive Guidance – I created LIO after the suicides of two childhood friends. Understanding & embracing my own intuitive/psychic abilities, I realized I wanted to help others tune in to their own abilities for the purpose of recognizing their self worth & learning to live joyfully. Discussion of dreams/visions/Consciousness & opening to intuition.
Download the song Love is Stronger Than Death by The The

LIO Radio_Tune Your Vibes_5-19-10_Pt3_Spirit Encounters

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time 15:38

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Intuitive Guidance – Encounters with Spirit tell us we’re loved & guided on our life journey. Guidance for meditation to connect to the strength & power of Love’s presence.
 Meditation song – Reverence from Drum Medicine by David & Steve Gordon.
 Song – Amen by Paula Cole
Animals are wonderful spirit guides, teaching unconditional love. A chameleon teaches a lesson of transformation. (See full post on this with video).

Also, featuring the song Love Remains by Kelly Brown/ Local Honey 
 from the CD,  Late Bloomer.


LIO Radio_Tune Your Vibes_5-19-10_Pt4_Heaven Ch37 Reading

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time 16:43

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Reading from HEAVEN, a novel – Excerpt from Chapter 37 – Backstage – Remembering Peter. Title Song, Heaven, from the complimentary CD that comes with the novel.

Please share your thoughts!
How does your intuition help you in practical ways in your everyday life? What encounters do you have with Spirit to let you know you are loved? How do you practice connecting to your Highest, Most Excellent Self? How does music connect you to Spirit, to Love’s presence?

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