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This LIO Radio broadcast of the Naked Vibes hour originally streamed live on 5/19/10 (recorded at the Enlumnia Radio Network). Featuring an interview with Kelly Brown, an extraordinary artist working in multiple disciplines & dimensions. She is an award winning singer/songwriter as well as professional illustrator/designer & show producer. Kelly holds a Masters Degree in Fine Arts from the University of Texas & teaches courses in songwriting. The show includes songs from Kelly’s latest CD, Late Bloomer, as well as a live performance.KellyOnTheStreet

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In this segment:
time 8:40

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Kelly Brown, aka Local Honey talks about the creative process.
The previous segment, “Spirit Encounters”, from the LIO Radio: Tune Your Vibes hour featured her song Love Remains.

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In this segment:
time 16:36
Late Bloomer

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 Features the song Truth from the Local Honey CD, Late Bloomer

Kelly talks about the entity of Local Honey – how it was born, what it means.
We discuss aspects of creativity as a sometimes gentle, sometimes tumultuous process, singing/songwriting as emotional & physical process, performance as a process of energy cha
nneling, Einstein’s credit of genius as “musical perception”, & a magical trip to New Orleans where the theme was a revelation of love.

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In this segment:
time 10:07

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Kelly & I discuss our opportunities, through our mother’s illness & resiliency, to talk about love, death & transformation.
Kelly performs her song Good at Goodbye live
Love once born or experienced never dies. It changes & transforms, but you’re never left without it!

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In this segment:
time 14:25

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Kelly talks about her design firm, Studio Honey & Pollen-Nation – the entity of “collaborative spirit” that connects her work/play with that of others to create all kinds of media from live shows (concert & corporate) to print, web design, photography, video, custom music jingles & more. Kelly-books
Kelly talks about lessons in love & “letting go” from Colleen, a Pit Bull puppy she found, nursed back to health, & connected to her “forever home”.
Kelly also has a wonderful, sharp sense of humor as evidenced in the song He’s Gone from her CD,
 Late Bloomer.


Please share your thoughts!

How have you learned about love through letting go? Are you aware that love, once created is never lost? What experiences have you had with Spirit that have affected you in subtle or profound ways How does music connect you to Spirit, to Love’s presence?

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