“I love you” sign language to angry “FU” drivers

I'm pondering an experiment with angry drivers. Flashing the "I love you" sign language, especially to the ones who are cursing me, cutting me off, or shooting the middle finger.


This thought comes directly off of an encounter with a guy who was riding next to me, wanted to change lanes & wanted me to move instantly. He didn't care, nor did he take time to notice that I couldn't really go anywhere. I had cars on all sides. I guess he wanted me to throw on my brake in the middle of the freeway & allow him to move freely in front of me to his destination. When I didn't move for him, he began to try to force me over, though another car was on the other side of me. He finally found a way to speed up, force the car in front of me over, move into the lane on the other side & proceed to yell out the window at me – obscenities by mouth & hand. Whew! Seriously. I finally had to laugh, which I'm sure wasn't the reaction he was looking for.

Seems like he could've used a little love, huh? What's sad though – many more of us know the hand signal for "FU"  than "I love you". So, I don't know how this experiment will go over. I've just mused at the thought of starting a movement with it anyway.

What do you think? Can we infuse a little love into the road rage jungle?                

photo credit: http://www.lifeprint.com