International Day of Peace + Marriage

September 21

An important day. For me, personally, & for the world as well.

My husband & I are celebrating our 13th wedding anniversary (plus almost nine years together before marriage). People often comment about how different we are – opposites. We get that! K&T SF2

I see a lot written & discussed these days about marriage being a dying institute, an unworkable arrangement. I certainly understand the challenges. I've also experienced marriage as the greatest spiritual training ground we can undertake as humans. Many people see the "institution" of marriage as a confine. Like any belief, that is a perspective. Perspectives can be shifted.

Marriage, very simply, is an agreement to be in relationship. More simply – to relate to another human being. When we approach others with the intention of relating to them – to their desires, their fears & challenges, their joys & sorrows – we understand that we are more alike than we are different. All of us. Compassion is born & thrives in this state of relationship. Relationship is not static, of course. We must learn to honor the flowing motion of energy. Play with it.

Today is the UN International Day of Peace. It feels so appropriate as my husband & I celebrate our own journey. Take a look at the Peace Day website. Let it be a personal inspiration.

Peace begins within me & ripples out from there. It moves into my primary relationships & then into the world. It's the same for you. That means global peace is entirely possible.

Want peace in your personal relationships?
Want world peace?
Make peace within yourself.

Peace Dove watercolor - copyright KBCain

My parents celebrate their 51st anniversary in a few days.
They play.
And that ROCKS!

Halloween "Cats"