Halloween – Keys to the Soul

It’s that time of year when we feel a change in the air – a transition into a new energy. Halloween marks the time when the veil between worlds is very thin. It can be scary not knowing what awaits us in the darkness, the unknown.

The unknown holds the keys to transformation, however – to our awakening into new life. A life that we dream of creating.

Take a Halloween walk in the woods with me. Watch this video:

 I’ll be doing a series of interviews with artists, healers, shamans, fire-starters, & conscious world-changers to bring to light the ways we can use creativity, intuition, spirituality & sexuality to open the doors to our soul’s calling – to serving our highest good & therefore the highest good for all Life. Sign up for the Naked Vibes Newsletter to stay in the loop.

Stay tuned for an upcoming video interview with Soul Portrait Artist, Leroy Roper. 

More on Halloween & times of transition in this post.

Share your thoughts, in the comments below, about the ways that you’ve stepped into the unknown to answer your soul’s calling. Or ways that you’d like to step in, but have felt afraid.

It’s Halloween. Make it a treat!