A free E-book + Tap Your Creative Genius + Sex & Spirit

Sex is God; God is Sex: The Powerful Path to Creative Genius
It's a proposal at the moment. With your help, it can become a manifesto – an e-book freely distributed by ChangeThis.com (a platform sparked by Seth Godin). They're in the business of spreading great ideas & they chose my proposal as a great idea. I'm honored by that. Because they have some seriously great ideas!

How does this benefit you?
If you're a maverick, a fire-starter, a superhero…you want to be a conscious evolver. You know we have it in us to create a better world. And, you want to have fun! You want to feel comfortable in your skin. You want to bring out the best ideas & the boldest visions brewing within you.

This manifesto will highlight some of the ways you can come out of hiding; shed your old out-worn skin & birth a newer, more courageous, more giving, compassionate, adventurous, successful, supa-fly you.

You2 have the ability to change the world. You2 can show others how to shed their old skin & so on & so on. Get the picture?

Help me spread the great idea of trashing sexual & spiritual repression at the hands of ignorance. It causes much suffering. Let's educate on loving relationships, the gift of sexual pleasure, & the power that lies in the freedom to be our true creative selves.

Turn this proposal into an e-book. You'll get it for free. You can share it with anyone, anywhere.

Vote here. Do it now. (It's the orange button on the bottom of the page.)
Read & Share it with tons of people – because that's what its gonna take!
Voting ends Dec. 1, 2011.

Thanks for starting the fire with me. I can't do it alone. You rock!