Awaken Wealth – aka your sleeping giant

One of my closest friends came to me recently & said, “Kim, please talk about money.” She must have sent out a vibe to the Universe because within the next two weeks, I had five individuals in the financial industry contact me to see how we could support one another in our businesses.

Really? What up?!! You have to pay attention to that. I do, anyway.

And, you know what? It makes complete sense. The energy of money is foundational. It touches every part of our lives. All of us. Every day. And we don’t have nearly enough positive conversations surrounding this energy.

We need to be teaching Money 101 from grade school on up. How is it possible to solve national debt when we can’t solve individual debt? Our conversations need to open up & reveal our needs & desires & let them stretch in the light of day. Breathing in some fresh air brings to those desires the much needed oxygen of genius (i.e. the place where solutions & road maps live).

There’s a difference between gettin’ rich & creating wealth. Creating wealth serves Life at a far deeper level, traverses boundaries & leaves legacies. Yeah. Wealth has a healthy, substantial vibration.

I hear you, friends. I feel the vibe. So, I’m puttin’ a shindig together with my musical & financial genius cohorts. There’s plenty of talk about what’s not working in this economy. What d’ya say we talk about what is? Put some fun & adventure into our discussions of wealth creation?

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Foreign Money photo courtesy Phillip Brewer – view CC license